Vaccination Day

Our COVID-19 Vaccine clinic will be held next Tuesday 13th April 2021, followed by the second dose on the 4th May 2021. The clinic will be held from 8am – 1pm on both days.

For those residents with outstanding COVID-19 Vaccine consent, our administration department have contacted you to return the consent from by the latest this Friday afternoon, 9th April 2021, if the consent form is not returned by the vaccination date, we will not be able to vaccinate your loved one.

On the Vaccination day, we would appreciate if you can limit your visits, as we require all resources to assist with the Vaccination. If you wish to support your loved ones, please notify the RN on duty by Sunday and limit to one visitor per resident on the day.

Here is what to expect on Vaccination Day.

For your conveneince, here is the consent form.

Sophia Markwell,
General Manager