Specialist Care

If you or a loved one requires more specialised assistance such as dementia care, palliative care or respite care, we can help. The team at Abel Tasman understand the particular vulnerabilities and sensitivities of people of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds when it comes to these very emotionally charged areas of care.

Dementia Care

Abel Tasman provides specific care for people with dementia and dementia-like symptoms offering a 10-bed facility on site. The environment is safe and secure, with one-to-one care provided by registered nurses available 24 hours a day. Geriatrics, psycho-geriatricians and GP’s also make regular visits.

Our dementia area is on the ground floor at Abel Tasman and featuring a beautiful garden setting where residents can walk along a meandering pathway, or sit in the sun, taking in the lovely fragrances from our aromatic plantings.

Respite Care

Respite care is short-term care for residents at home. It’s designed to give their regular carer time to ‘recharge their batteries’ and return refreshed. Caring can be an emotionally difficult role, particularly when it involves someone you love. The carer might also need health care themselves, or they may want to visit with family and friends.

Respite could be for just a few hours, overnight, or longer. It can also be available for people recovering from a stay in hospital or those assessed as needing respite to recuperate before they return home. Respite may also be used as a temporary stage before proceeding with permanent aged care. Talk to Abel Tasman about your particular needs and how to obtain approval to receive respite care support.

Palliative Care

Palliative care at Abel Tasman includes pain management, spiritual and emotional care, and special wishes which are discussed with the resident and their loved ones. Specialist support is also available from local hospitals and hospices where required. Palliative care is not normally provided from admission, but rather as a result of the ageing process, illness, accident or a stay in hospital.

At Abel Tasman, we believe that every person has the right to die with dignity and respect. Each resident brings their own individual story based on personal history and cultural background, and that story forms an important part of Abel Tasman’s palliative care offering where the needs of terminally ill residents are documented in their individual care plan.

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