Redevelopment of Abel Tasman Village

Updated meeting venue: text of a letter by the Board of the village regarding re-development (also download below):

Dear Residents of ATV, families of ATV residents, staff of ATV & Community,

Note change of venue: the meetings will now be held at the Chester Hill Library

As part of the redevelopment plan for the Abel Tasman Village, the state government
requires the Abel Tasman Village to hold stake holder & community engagement forums,
explaining our plans for the future of the site.

On Tuesday the 28th of November 2023, two sessions will be conducted at Chester Hill Library (12 Chester Hill Rd, Chester Hill) from 10am to 11:30am, the second
session from 5pm till 6:30pm.

The following consultants/representatives will be in attendance to answer any questions
regarding the redevelopment.

• Community Engagement Consultant
• Connecting with Country Consultant
• Architect
• Town Planner
• Project Manager
• ATV Board Representative
• ATV Operations Representative

Yours sincerely
Paul Hilberding
Abel Tasman Village Assoc. Secretary

Download Revised Letter

Visit a Resident!

Hello to you all. Well, the day is almost here! No doubt you are as relieved as we are to be seeing some opening up throughout NSW. The residents are thrilled to be able to see you very soon.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in their vaccination certificates. Unfortunately, if we have not received your vaccination certificate and you cannot provide evidence of double dose vaccination at the time of your visit, you will be unable to visit. Please note that you must have received your second dose at least 14 days prior to visiting. We would suggest that you carry with you either an electronic or paper copy of your vaccination certificate.

As I advised previously, we must take a cautious approach to the opening up for visiting. There is still COVID in the local community so we must be ever vigilant.

But on to more exciting matters. Visiting will recommence from 2pm on Monday 11th October 2021. There are clear directions from NSW Health in relation to visiting. As from Monday, 2 visitors per resident per day may visit. As we have done previously, there will be a booking system up on the website here to enable booking for visits and calls. If possible, please communicate with all family members to ensure fair and equitable allocation of visiting times.

There is a robust framework around the visiting instructions to ensure resident and staff safety:

  • You must be fully vaccinated (2nd dose at least 14 days prior to visiting) and have provided your vaccination certificate prior to visiting
  • 2 visitors per resident per day are permitted to visit (under 12s are not currently permitted to visit)
  • Visits are available 7 days per week from 10am to 5pm (visitors must leave the site by 5pm)
  • There is no time limit on how long you can visit but you must arrive at your allotted time and leave by 5pm
  • Masks must be worn by visitors at all times, unless eating and drinking
  • Visits must take place within the resident’s room or in the garden areas
  • Visitors must not enter any other communal area within the Village (this includes the coffee shop, the dining room, the physio room, the hairdressing salon and the nurse stations)
  • Visitors must check in on the QR codes at the entry gate and sign in via the electronic register by the front letterbox
  • Visitors must produce evidence of a COVID test within 72 hours of visiting and exhibit a negative result
  • We would appreciate visitors do not congregate at any place in the Village, particularly at the front gate
  • Visitors must demonstrate social distancing at all times

We have developed a Post Stay at Home Visiting Policy which is available on the website. Please ensure you read the policy carefully as it contains further information in relation to residents leaving the village and particularly arrangements for unvaccinated residents.

We appreciate how difficult the last few months have been and we thank you all for your patience. This is our first step into a ‘living with COVID’ world so please be mindful that staff are also trying to keep up with weekly changes to advice from NSW Health. Changes to our policy may occur as advice is amended by the Chief Health Officer and we will communicate any changes to you in a timely manner, just as we have done throughout the lockdown.

We are looking forward to seeing you all.

Warm regards,

Margaret Russell
General Manager

Changing of the Guard…

This Friday (21st May), I will commence my maternity leave, expecting to return in January 2022. In my absence, the lovely Margaret Russell will step into the role of Acting General Manager. Many of you will have already met Margaret in her current role in the management team. Please make her feel welcome as she steps in my shoes!

While I’m here:
We have just relaxed the rules for visitors to Abel Tasman Village. The NSW government has changed the conditions of entry to now allow more visitors and relax the mask rules. Please check out the latest “conditions of entry” for visitors here.

Also, please note that from 1 June all visitors will need to have had this year’s Standard Flu vaccination as per the above “conditions of entry”.

Sophia Markwell,
General Manager
Abel Tasman Village