About Us

Our Multicultural Commitment

For more than twenty years Abel Tasman has welcomed people from many cultures and backgrounds. It’s what we do. We just don’t accept diversity: it forms the foundation of who we are.

Given our beginnings as a provider for the Dutch community, we understand the sensitivities and challenges faced by culturally and linguistically diverse older people. There can be feelings of isolation, vulnerability and a reluctance to accept care when the immediate family does not provide it.

The most limiting issue is communication. People of non-English speaking backgrounds may have trouble expressing their needs or understanding what is being communicated to them. Abel Tasman incorporates cultural understanding that includes language, family, celebrations, spirituality and religion, food, customs and traditions.

We’re home for, and provide home care to a wide range of people from different cultural backgrounds – Lebanese, Vietnamese, Italian, Fijian, Iraqi, Maltese, Macedonian, Filipino, Estonian and many more – it’s a wonderful melting pot!

This understanding of our residents and customers unique cultural dimensions is how we build human connections and ensure our care and services are appropriate, welcomed and beneficial.

Abel Tasman Village follows the Australian Goverment’s Code of Conduct, a copy of which you can download here.

We recently completed our Strategic Plan 2019-2024 which you can download here.