Resident Contact Update

Great news for NSW with COVID numbers on the decrease, thank goodness. We have received an update this afternoon from NSW Health and are currently reviewing the revised visiting restrictions in line with our COVID 19 Management Plan.

At this stage, we are expecting to communicate new visiting arrangements on Monday 11th January so stay tuned for that update. Until that time, current restrictions will remain in place (ie. no visiting is permitted at this time).

Communication options with your loved one are still available via phone and video calling for Friday 8th January to Monday 11th January from 1pm to 5pm (last call is 4.30pm). Could we also ask that family members coordinate bookings so that one contact per resident is made per day. This allows for a more even opportunity for all residents to speak with their families.

Phone calls should last for no more than 30 minutes. Bookings are essential and timeframes must be strictly adhered to, please book here. If you do not have internet access to visit our website, please call 0432 597 534 and a member of staff will assist you to make a booking.

We appreciate that the restrictions have been difficult and challenging for you all and we appreciate your patience and understanding. As always, our residents’ safety is our first priority. Thank you again for your cooperation.

ATV Management