Keeping us COVID-SAFE

In this edition of our COVID-19 updates, I want to acknowledge and answer some of your questions about Abel Tasman Village’s efforts to keep residents and staff safe in the face of a 2nd wave of the CORONA virus. Here are some of the protocols we have implemented:

  • All staff, volunteers, allied health visitors and contractors undergo a screening process every shift, every day. 

  • All staff have given declarations to ATV management if they work elsewhere, including workplaces other than Aged Care, such as cafés and hotels. 

  • If staff are unwell, they have been advised to not come to work even if it is just a tickle in their throat. 

  • Staff who call in sick or present with symptoms, are screened by the Registered Nurse. Depending on their symptoms, they will be advised to undergo a COVID-19 test and will only be able to return to work if the result is negative and when they show no other symptoms. 

  • As you will already be aware, all staff and visitors must wear a mask, this is mandatory until further notice. I can reassure you that Harry and myself are ensuring masks and other vital equipment are well stocked in preparation for any eventuality. 

  • Abel Tasman Village receives regular updates and communications from the Department of Health and the Aged & Community Service Australia, regarding COVID-19 as well as advice on managing these situations. 

  • Abel Tasman Village will continue to follow the guidance as set out by the Department of Health as well as the “Visitors Access Code” and take any reasonable steps to reduce the risk of COVID transmission within the facility. 

  • A process where staff actively declare whether they have been to a known hotspot and are following safety protocols

On their part, we also ask visitors to pro-actively tell staff whether they have been to known hotspots and are following protocols.

Take Care,

Sophia Markwell,
General Manager