Home Care Clients

Hello to all our Home Care clients.

I hope you are all ok and coping with the lockdown in Sydney. The situation appears to be getting worse, so I wanted to check in with you all.

Please make sure you are keeping to the restrictions. It is imperative that you stay in your home and only leave for absolutely essential reasons. Please also make sure you are wearing a mask if you do go out and we would also strongly recommend you wear a mask when an ATV care worker is in your home.

ATV encourages you to receive the COVID vaccine. Please make sure, if you haven’t already done so, that you talk through your options with your doctor. It is only when the majority of the population is vaccinated that we will be able to see a reduction in COVID infections.

If you require any extra support, please don’t hesitate to contact Elizabett who will be able to organise things for you. Please stay safe and keep to the stay at home orders.

Thank you.

Margaret Russell,
General Manager

Image: starline / Freepik

Image: starline / Freepik

Image: starline / Freepik