Another week

Another week where staff went out of their way to assist our residents at an extraordinary time. I want to especially recognise those staff today. Many have close relatives overseas or interstate. While at the Village, the lock-down has meant going out of their way to keep our residents safe, healthy and entertained despite many challenges. Thank you!

Another week of looking forward to a gradual opening up of visits to Abel Tasman. Thankfully the signs are good, but we’ll need to wait for clearance from the authorities to open to visitors again. As we said last week, there is always the opportunity to allow visits in hardship cases. Talk to us where necessary.

Another week where our electronic communication facilities have improved. Our recent connection to the NBN has settled down and now offers a better connection for those of you connecting via old or new technologies. We have also begun a project to further improve communication facilities at the Village.

Stay Safe,

Sophia Markwell,
General Manager