GM update: Food Safety Audit

On behalf of the Board, the management team, staff and residents of ATV, I am very proud to announce that we received an rating of “A” for our Food Safety audit yesterday evening.
Congratulations to Mark and his catering team for the great effort. Im sure you are all relieved and proud when you heard the news yesterday evening.

I would like to give a special acknowledgment and thanks to George and Gus from our maintenance team with their contribution to assisting Mark to get the kitchen and the servery area in the main kitchen, Camellia and Link building ready for the food audit.
Also, I want to extend that acknowledgment and thank Harry (CCM), Jeremy (SSM) and Dave (Kitchen Hand), who assisted myself and Mark with the final deep clean of the main kitchen over the past few days. The kitchen sparkled after all that hard work. 

Finally, to all the catering team, you all worked really to ensure the day went smoothly. You were observed to be calm and relax, which was a good sign of knowing that you were confident and competent in what you do in the kitchen.
It was a great team effort and I am very proud and honoured to be representing the Abel Tasman village as the General Manager. Well done team, looking forward to the next challenge.

Sophia Markwell
General Manager